Text 17 Feb What’s up

So today I had an urge to go out on a walk for a sunset (after doing some karate though).

I was actually estimating my ‘walk’ to take about 1 hour. It ended up 1 and a half.

After I got out of the house I walked all the way to a big park I knew that would probably be empty. Luckily when I got there it was. The park is sort of split into two parts, one part had a couple of people looking like they were exercising and the other part empty. I pretty much practiced karate there because I have black belt gradings in two days. There were a few people walking around and in particular this person walking two dogs that might have been watching me, but it was nice to get out and practice.

Soon after I realised I was going to miss my sunset so I quickly exited the park and walked all the way from the park to Westfield. On the way there I walked passed these two guys next to a motorcycle, hearing one say

The stripper was burning. She was losin’ it.

Umm… wut? O.o

Anyway I got into Westfield hoping the car park wouldn’t be closed (on the website it said midnight). Went up an escalator and walked to where the lifts were. Went up to the top level.

I have never been on the top level ever. But it sure as hell had a good view from there. I could see the whole of ******** Park and the rest of the town. Too bad I miseed the sunset though. Ah well.

Then I walked back home, found that few months old resturant had actually filled up over half capacity and listen to a Chinese (I think it is) flute playing while walking through another park home.

I should have more of these walks.

Text 10 Feb

Having fun with my few best friends I have at school. Still haven’t got rid of the shyness or tried going out of my zone. Still quiet as hell in Visual Arts. 

Text 29 Jan Upcoming stuff

Well I got school tomorrow. It’s easy to talk to my best friends there but around people I usually don’t hang out with I’m just quiet. 

Also I;m thinking of writing a story (maybe book length?) to keep my mind of things. We’ll see how this year goes…

Text 25 Jan

Feels great to talk to people online. :)

Text 24 Jan Hi!

Well I started this blog because, well, I want to document my journey from being shy. You see I’ve found out with I have felt so weird in social situations, or the fact that I’m QUIET and DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE (except my friends). After doing a Google search I found out I might have ‘social anxiety’. Which is probably the answer for my life because I’ve always been shy. So anyway here I am writing my thoughts as I am on a journey to rid this personality of mine. Not like anyone will be reading this because there are over a million blogs on the internet, but this is a great way to write down what I am thinking - by the way if you do read please let me know :). I hope I won’t abandon this blog as I did with several others in my life.

This inspired me: http://www.reddit.com/r/faimprovement/comments/16qgby/i_write_a_blog_about_dating_for_nice_guys_ama/c7yh9xm.

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